3 Songs You Would Almost Immediately Read Wrong Meanings To

Now on to the world of flying lyrics, explosive beats and resonating vamps.

Everyone easily relates to good music, especially one whose contents connects with our daily lives or something around us. As much as it may, some music has its message well received while others have been misconstrued. Maybe as one supporting social vices or for just no reason at all.

As a lover of tunes, I can sniff out good music from a distance just like I do a cup of Coffee, hence, I hereby appoint myself an Advocate for these poor victims of “unfair criticism”. On my list are:

  1. Olamide – Science Student: “Baddosneh” as fondly called, the YBNL boss and Street rapper, Olamide released this hit sound – SCIENCE STUDENT early this year. The lyrics, beats and brand attracted a large viewing audience as always…..but…. as you can guess, our dear critics strolled in on this one! Finding common terms in the song like: ”kosewe kosegbo”, “o fa sisha bi Sango”, “ tramadol lo’n mu bi tonic water yi”, “ ore mi ti high” etc. to support substance abuse, which is ‘reasonable’ enough to stir controversies.

However, the music, label and brand are all together on a move AGAINST DRUG/SUBSTANCE ABUSE.

Yeah, the air has been cleared now and the music, thus, vindicated!

Feel free to download “Science Student” by Olamide here on Nerveflo


  1. Tee Blaq – O shapranpran: You are most likely going to hear phrases like “O shapranpran” as you walk the streets of Lagos. Don’t be dismayed if it comes out in a thick-sounding manner from the lips of “agberos” or, softly mouthed at a high class social function. The slang, “O shapranpran”, introduced by Tee Blaq, is used when referring to something of “High Quality” or “Brand new”. So…. Why not? It’s O shapranpran all day, all way.

Stream and download “O shapranpran” by Tee Blaq on Nerveflo


  1. Phyno – Alobam: Ask for Phyno and what you get is this amazing Igbo language rapper! The Penthouse records artiste has no struggle with making rich rythms in his indigenous language and has contributed immensely to Igbo rap genre. If you know Phyno, then the word “Alobam” from his NO GUTS, NO GLORY album won’t sound strange. A street code, popular among South Eastern Nigerians, “Alobam” means “Brother from another Mother” or refers to somebody you would ‘ride or die’ with.

Download and enjoy Phyno’s “Alobam” on Nerveflo

In a wrap, THIS is my verdict. If for any reason whatsoever, you are of a contrary opinion, I would be waiting at the comment area to have your views… (ciao).

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