Having clear-cut trailers & equally arousing movie teasers are not uncommon promotional practices in Nollywood. Often times, these peachy clips leave viewers with a collective concern as to whether the movie would live up to its hype or nay.
Produced by Kemi Adetiba, the movie, King of Boys is heavily star-studded. The cast ensemble includes Sola Sobowale, Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, Toni Tones, K1 de Ultimate, Jide Kosoko, Paul Sambo, Sharon Ooja and debut appearances of rappers: Reminisce and Ill Bliss, amongst others.
For a 180 minute movie, the end of “King of Boys” saw the cinema halls resounding with thunderous rounds of applauds. To answer the underlying question, yes. King of Boys was brilliantly delivered!
However, there were some hiccups. Yes. There were. Else, there would be no such word as a REVIEW 
Please don’t scroll past this image, if you are yet to see the movie, as the content contains lots of spoilers. Beware!!!

As mentioned earlier, the movie has loads of big name characters in it. I would say that Kemi did a great cast management in order to ensure that the movie didn’t appear over-bloated. Since the cast played their roles effortlessly well, why not?

The double debut appearances were super. Before now, Nollywood had not nailed the art of translating music artistes into capable debut actors. And here, we had Ill Bliss and Reminisce killing their roles as Odogwu Malay and Makanaki respectively, where they portrayed the underworld rogues.

The storyline captured a supposed Nigerian political ecosystem edged around corruption, impedance of justice, feminism and every other thing that ensue in the struggle for power and its maintenance thereof.

The protagonist, Alhaja Eniola Salami, enacted by Sola Sobowale, embodied a tough persona as the underworld boss.

Yet projecting karma and conscience play, the movie dares us to pick either of these options:
Stand against all odds to unmask shady culprits while promoting justice and transparency.
Join the bad power mongers all because you cannot beat them.
Obviously, in a society where looking the other way has become the new ‘right’ and ensuring justice is attributed to being the ‘odd one’, a decision might take a while to make because, according to Gobir (played by Paul Sambo), “… there is too much dirt in the system…”

Refocusing on the younger Eniola Salami, no one…. no not one… for iteration sakes… no one can miss the voice and charisma match that Toni Tones did to the character. Having opened up during the movie premiere that she had to crack her voice and spend enough time with Sola Sobowale just to capture the latter’s speech and action patterns, Toni Tones massacred the role. Big ups to her for that one!

On to the hiccups!

About a couple or more scenes had bad fade-outs. They were so bad that they couldn’t go unnoticed. The video editor need to pay closer attention next time.
Secondly, some scenes would have done better if they were trimmed to shorter lengths.
Aside these two cases, the movie: King of Boys was satisfactory. I look forward to its multiple awards nominations in 2019.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate “King of Boys” a whopping 9.
(I can hear you scream: That’s too much scoring for one movie! But sorry dear, this is my page…lol. Just kidding. I feel Kemi deserves it.)

If you read this post to this point, it implies that you’ve seen the movie. As such, you might have some opinions regarding it. So, what are you waiting for???? Let’s converse in the comments area below (winks…winks).

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