The expectation for this sequel was one mixed with thrills of age-longed memories and wild wonder of what the cinematic experience could possibly be. Given the hype on social media and the sequel’s thrillers.

Question is: Was Living in Bondage:Breaking Free worth the watch?

How will you know… except you read this review to the end.

Now, let’s do this!


The cast for the LIB sequel is superb. We were treated to the return of main actors from the original act, talking about: Kenneth Okonkwo, Kanayo O.Kanayo and Bob-Manuel Udokwu. Inclusive were stars like Ramsey Nouah, Enyinna Nwigwe, Kalu Ikeagwu and relatively new faces like Swanky JKA, Munachi Abii, Shawn Faqua, Nancy Isime, Onuoha Peace, David Jones David and a list of others.

The casts delivered well enough on their characters and brought their A-game to the movie. Swanky JKA brought it on, as the portrayal of his brotherly love towards ‘Tobby’ was really fluid. You wouldn’t stop drooling over Ramsey Nouah’s handsomeness and professional acting skills, even if you want to turn a blind eye. Neither would you miss Nancy Isime and Munachi Abii’s sultriness. Well delivered!

Plot and Pacing:


As with sequels, the major concern was whether LIB:Breaking Free would stick to the original plot. Good news…It stuck to the plot of the original classic! The first scene was captivating and the plan to scare you off your seat was a good success. The sequel stayed consistent to the whole ‘desperation to get rich’ thingy and occult vibe.

The faults I found were in the first two appearances between Andy Okeke and Uzoma. There seemed to be some missing elements in those scenes. (You will need to see the movie to know this, trying to keep this review free of spoilers).

Also, I didn’t feel much of the daring ‘undercover journalism’ attitude from Uzoma. Some sort of safe acting was spotted there. I expected to see a more dogged detective.

Aside these, the plot and pacing were good.

Cinematography and Sound:

Great work was put into the making of LIB:Breaking Free. The video quality was one to go by – Awesome VFX, dope camera angles and all scenes were audible. The sound tracks were on point from start to finish. Kudos to the featured artistes, producer and director.

I saw the noble attempts made in subtitling the non-English parts of the movie. However, some parts didn’t have subtitles. So sad.

Movie Ending:

Is it just me or did anyone else notice the way the movie ended? As though there would be another sequel to this sequel. Who knows…

So, did Living in Bondage: Breaking Free live up to the hype?

The answer is: YES…YES…YES!

On our NerveFlo meter, we would give Living in Bondage: Breaking Free a 8.5/10 rating. It’s a great piece and the shortcomings did not even dampen the cinematic flow.

If you have any opinion about the movie, please let us know in the comments section below.

You can also watch the trailer here.


  1. Yes! The much anticipated review. Now I’ve been spurred to go see the movie. Great review!


    1. Thanks Comfort. Please go see it and hurry back to drop your candid opinion.


    1. Looooool…Yes, you would Klone! You certainly would love this movie. Thanks for stopping by our blog.


  2. The movie had some good elements. Uzoma came off as a junkie. It was confusing to realise he was related to Obinna’s wife and hence his desperation to uncover the secret. That little girl’s makeup was so distracting….I would have even prefered old Nollywood vanishing to that. Kelly and Nnamdi’s chemistry was fluid. I loved watching the 2 of them on screen. I like what Andy’s character evolved to. Even the old school acting seemed to fit. However, Richard was a key actor in this movie and because of that, I would suggest that Ramsey does not direct the sequel. Nnamdi, Richard, Tobby, Andy and Kelly are looking good for the part 2….but they better not take to long to bring it out.


    1. Loooool at “Nollywood vanishing”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ezi!!! I totally agree that the part 2 should not take long..that’s if there will be any.


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