Y. O. L. O

Humor me.

“You Only Live Once – YOLO”, was the first offspring my thoughts delivered when I picked up this book after seeing its title. So… onwards with the review… my two cents and more.

Authored by Precious Ozemoya in 2017 with ISBN: 978-978-963-215-2, the book: LOVING YOURSELF AND SELF ESTEEM is a 10-chaptered, 74-paged piece categorized in the self-help genre as a guide to understanding yourself and developing self-esteem.

The writing style for this book was formal yet smooth… as any good “guide” book should be.

The book started with citing stereotyped perspectives of self image that society has ingeniously planted in the minds of many. You see, society subtly leads many to embrace and conform to these stereotypes of “perfection” that ultimately leave these people lost to their own selves. Hence, forcing them to a point of anxiety and utter forgetfulness of their own personality and self-worth.

As a means of staying afloat, the author established the need to live from INSIDE OUT, referring to having a ‘ME’ time, which is basically  interacting with the environment from the inside out. This can easily help one navigate through life according to one’s own inner map.

Self-acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness & self-esteem were some of the virtues listed, that if practised, would lead to enjoying the better part of life. Not practising these virtues would foster a low self-image or esteem.

It appears that this book was all niceties, right? Yes, indeed it was, I couldn’t fault much in this book… it was an apt “guide” after all.

This book was successful in helping any reader attune to self-care, celebrate small wins and eventually improve on inadequacies without taking failures too hard on one’s self. After all, you need all of you in one piece to have an awesome life.

Another thing I liked about this book was the succinct points and a tone that kept me flipping through the pages.

This book also provided action points that you, the reader, could use to practise any of the self-care points laid out.

This is definitely one book you can read again each time you feel the need to level up your “self-esteem bank”!

I give it a 7/10 Rating.


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