MIRACLE: Winner BBNaija 2018 “Double Wahala”

If you are Nigerian and you did not keep up with the just concluded Big Brother Naija season 3 reality Tv show, it’s either your distaste for the show was so strong or… you hid yourself in a cave. Given the massive and impressive social media coverage of the reality show, it was almost impossible to miss a thing. Maybe that’s why this season was my first follow through. And of course, that’s why Nerveflo is here. To keep you updated and entertained with spicy news and more!

Tagged “Double Wahala”, season 3 of the BBN was launched on the 28th of January, 2018 with ex housemate, Ebuka Obi- Uchendu serving as the regal host to all twenty housemates.

A typical day at the house came with tasks, fun, banters, heated arguments and of course, gossip. While eviction nights were expected, they were also dreaded. I mean … who wants to go home? Not when there is as much as N45 million and a brand new SUV up for grasp! As time went by, cliques were formed, bonds were made and viewers even coined acronyms for their favorite housemates, such as Mina (Miracle and Nina), Tolex (Tobi and Alex), Toralex (Tobi, Miracle and Alex), LoTo (Lolu and Anto) etc.

The tension went degrees higher as sister Tobi, easy going Nina, controversial Cee-C, party girl Alex, fine boy Miracle made final 5. Grand finale came with an already built up anxiety that could not be quenched by normal home view. It had many fans hitting it to the Lagos viewing centre! As you can guess, anticipation was oozing from left, right and centre.

And… Boom… It was a MIRACLE!

Topping the stats with 38.18%, Miracle emerged winner of BBN 2018. Cee-C followed with 28.04% while Tobi carted away with 22.54% votes, leaving Alex and Nina to share 7.07% and 4.18% respectively.

Miracle Igbokwe had it coming. The dude had been gathering wins since 1960…

  • He emerged winner of the season’s Payporte arena games challenge with a prize of N1 million.
  • He won the Pepsi challenge, carting away the sum of 1 million naira.
  • He won N200,000 wager allowance after picking the box tagged number two.
  • He won the cash in a contest with seven other Big Brother Naija housemates.

Way to go Pilot!

In all, Miracle went with a total package of N45 million comprising:

N25million cash
N12 million SUV
N4.7 million all-expenses paid vacation
N3.3 million household equipment comprising of electronics and other gadgets.

Following the show has taught that fans could be so unpredictable. Notwithstanding, some fans nailed it at their routing game. Three categories worthy of note are:

Team Miracle and his league of quiet voters: Don’t expect to see these people on social media comment sections. Nah. They don’t act like they’ve got anything up their sleeves. Just wait for the vote counts, then you will be wowed by the kind of votes these guys manufacture. Their votes always came as a benchmark. You know, the kind of votes that other votes look up to and would want to be like when they grow up. Hope you gerrit? Awon bahdest voters… they deserve all the accolades!


Team Cee-C and her league of noisy voters: “Twale” to these people! Their publicity stunt was super and matched their voting strength. They were everywhere and equally gifted in turning every disadvantaged situation into a voting plea. Whoever coordinated these voters on the outside really did a great job. Even when the chips were down, these adhoc supporters managed to rocket their candidate to second position. Aren’t they awesome?


Team Tobi and his league of activists: In line with the fall out between Tobi and Cee-C, more fans were attracted to his personality. All for the accolades, this class of voters did not mind going out of their way to show their love and supports. To them, character spoke volumes and is quintessential. Well, if you ask me, Tobi has carved an ambassadorial niche for himself, regardless. 

In other news, someone in Imo state is planning a gift for Miracle and Nina. #IfYouKnowYouKnow.



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