Nasir, the twelfth studio album by Rapper Nas which is produced entirely by Kanye West who also is the album’s Executive Producer was officially released on June 15th 2018.
As a Poet and Lyricist Nas remains consistent, he’s never been scared to air his opinion on any subject and on songs  like “Not For Radio”, “Cops Shot the Kid” and  “Everything” He addresses racial, social and political issues. Issues like black  Identity, cop killings, racism and “white-washing” are some of the topics he addresses on these songs.
The  track “White Label” is a Gem. Dope, poetic, multisyllabic rhyming, over one of Kanye’s finest productions on this project, has Nas reminding us all, why He’s considered by most, as one of the top 5 rappers, dead or alive.
On the song “Everything”, Nas opens with, “When the media slings mud, we use it to build huts” coming from someone who on the same song professes to be Pan-African, I wonder who convinced him to keep that line in. I sense it’s his ‘deep’ roundabout way of saying when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But Africans aren’t trying to Build more huts, Nas.
“Bonjour”, “Adam and Eve” and “Simple things” see Nas get off his soapbox and  kickback for a bit of bragging and reminiscing with the customary sprinkle of cliche but nonetheless true nuggets of wisdom.
On the whole, Nasir, though underwhelming, still manages to capture the brilliance of Nas. Kanye’s production is top notch on this project, but the level of chemistry between rapper and producer on this project leaves much to be desired.
That being said, Nigerian Hiphop can learn a lot from him especially with regards to sharing thoughts on social issues , plus Nas did what a lot of prominent Nigerian Rappers seem scared to do now, He actually rapped.

 About The Author:
 Sokleva Hughes is a Rapper, Thinker, Youth Minister and Writer.  A member of the multiple award winning Rap Duo Rooftop MCs (Arguably Africa’s Biggest Christian Rap Duo) and with 13 years of experience in music and youth ministry.  He is considered a pioneer and a voice to influence the youth and popular culture for Christ.

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