Okafor’s Law – The ultimate movie review

After a little hiccup here and there, the much anticipated movie “Okafor’s law” finally hits Nigerian cinemas. This movie is based on
‘Okafor’s law of Congodynamics'(C1+P=oo) which states that once a Congo has been shined once(C1), it can always be shined(Coo) provided it was shined properly(P) the previous times. It is written, directed and produced by prominent Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli.

Okafor's LawThe movie revolves round a Casanova guy who is drawn into a bet by his friends in his bid to prove that Okafor’s law truly exists. That is, the law that if you have been involved with a girl over a period of time and did a good job in and out of the bedroom-mostly in, you can go to the girl again at any time and sleep with her no matter what situation arises(new lover,  e.t.c.).

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the movie you want to go see it before you check this review out. If you check this review out first and you do not want to see the movie anymore, don’t say I was the one who influenced your decision not to  see it oo. Just so you know, I saw it, and I’m glad I did.

The storyline of the movie is very basic as the whole ‘boy bets with friends to sleep with girl’ story is pretty much cliché…. but, Omoni Oboli succeeds in giving this movie it’s own unpredictable twist. This time it’s not a bet to sleep with one girl, but a bet to sleep with three ex-girlfriends who have supposedly moved on and now are seemingly hard to reach.

The cast.

blossom chukwujekwuBlossom Chuckwujekwu as Chucks Okafor a.k.a Terminator(the girl smasher).
Apart from some minor overacting, Blossom does an amazing job at owning this character. With his Don Juan profile, He thrills me the most at the part where he tries to woo his ‘church girl ex’ and has to pretend to be christian himself. He definitely interprets this role perfectly!


Gabriel AfolayanGabriel Afolayan as Chucks the Baptist.

Gabriel plays the comic relief of the movie as he gives his best shot at humouring us. Definitely one of my favourite characters in this movie!



Ken EricsKen Erics as Chucks the Fox.
I had an issue with this guy. I was very unimpressed by his acting all the way. He pretty much just backed-up whatever his friend Chuks the Baptist said or did. I personally saw him and his wife as an unnecessary part of the movie.


Omoni OboliOmoni Oboli as Ejiro.

What can I say? Omoni Oboli is generally known to be an amazing actress. So, yes! from playing the church girl, to playing the rejected lover girl, she delivers her part as Ejiro.



Toyin AbrahamToyin Abraham(Aimakhu) as Tomi Tijani(Succesful advertising big chic).

This didn’t quite cut it for me, Toyin was definitely a miscast. Omoni Oboli should have brought Genevieve or maybe Nse onboard to play this bosslady part.


Ufuoma McDermottUfuoma McDermott as Ify Omene (Mysterious wife of possessive billionaire ).

I am not shocked at Ufuoma duly “representing”, as she depicts so much grace acting out each scene with so much ease and originality. I mean, Ufoma is an oldie in the Nigerian industry we should flog her if she doesn’t steady deliver.


Richard Mofe Damijo as Chief Omene.

Richard Mofe DamijoI personally saw this as a rebound, a major comeback from the role he played as Chief Onwuka in the Wedding party. RMD definitely became an actor for parts like this! He owned this Chief Omene part by beautifully creating a balance between prestige and ghetto which he pulls off towards the end.


Tina MbaTina Mba as Mrs Okafor (Terminator’s Mother).

This is another character I enjoyed watching. Her role as his Mom was well seasoned with just the right dose of everything. How she infused the Igbo language in her speech is what I loved the most!



Apart from the minor sound problems, and slight hitches here and there, Okafor’s law is generally entertaining. I mean, I had the laugh of my life. So yeah, you should definitely put your money on this one.

I give it a 7/10.

You should go see it this Easter holiday!

See the Okafor’s Law cinema trailer below

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  1. 7/10 is too high a score. The plot was too interesting for the poor execution. So many gaps for the viewer to fill in. It didn’t flow well. And truly with all the hype, they should have put someone else in charge of the advertising agency and completely taken out that guy with the cheating wife as you mentioned. I was very underwhelmed


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