First of all, introduction:

“My name is Mike, I’m a ghost”.

“My name is Isila, I’m a tout”.

Or frustrated enough:

“Okay, me too, I am a ghost. You’re a ghost. Oya leave me alone. Ghosts don’t play”.

#SpoilersAlert there…

Alright. Let’s review!

The Ghost and the Tout is a Nollywood movie whose story revolves around a female tout named Isila, living in a ghetto with her other gang of weirdos. Isila is experiencing some supernatural occurrence and gets entangled in a murder case, in addition to her already filled plate.

Are you a fiery lover of street drama? Then, this movie is for you.

Written and produced by Toyin Abraham and as well directed by Charles Uwagbai and Biodun Stephen, this movie is chiefly characterized with more outdoor elements. I shall be highlighting the good and the bad aspects of this movie and I hope the former outweighs the latter.

The Cast

The ensemble here got me like ‘Kilode!’. This movie has a smooth unity between veterans (the likes of Dele Odule, Chiwetalu Agu, Chioma Akpotha, Ronke-Oshodi Oke, and more), new endearing faces (like Sambasa Nzeribe, Bhaira Mcwizu, Femi Adebayo, Abimbola Ademoye) and instagram sensationals (like Lasisi Elenu, Bobrisky, Josh2Funny and others).

In as much as I was wowed by the effort, I felt they were a little too ‘extra’. Aside from the Saheed Osupa and Chioma Chigul’s parts, I really do not see the need for Bobrisky’s nor Kaffy’s inclusion (No table shaking here).

Generally, the casts did a great job of fitting into their respective characters.

Originality and Flow

I give it to Chiwetalu Agu for the never-disappointing effects of his “igbotic” adages. Not to mention Lasisi Elenu, keeping it real with his hooking Instagram tone. As for Toyin Abraham, she was all set to have anyone in stitches with her funny gangster attitude. The scenes followed through well, with drops of popular musical soundtracks here and there. Well, you only need to keep up with musical lines, trending social media slangs and comedy skits to enjoy those relatable scenes.

On second thought, I’m still doing a mental working of how the culprits were caught. Should I say much work wasn’t done in carrying us along on that aspect of the movie plot?

 Outdoor Activities 

Starting with the mob scene which had the jealous and overbearing girlfriend storming the road with her all-girls gang, that scene didn’t come across as properly organized. One could easily spot one of the girls smiling out of character. Not a good one!

Next was the carnival scene. We get the need to project a groovy, hippie scene of a bunch of ghetto folks,  but again, the scene was tending towards being wild and uncontrollable.

Video Editing

It went all well until the ghost sessions!

At some point, it became so glaring that Nollywood still hasn’t got the hack of filming ghost movies. (No shades…No shades…)

That’s that about The Ghost and the Tout.  I rate the movie a 6 out of a possible 10. When you need that laughter fix and there is no one around, just hit the cinemas for a ticket and watch this movie..

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