Omoluwabi 2.0: A Code of Transformation in 21st Century Nigeria by Adewale Ajadi

Omoluwabi 2.0: A Code of Transformation in 21st Century Nigeria by Adewale Ajadi

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Download and learn how to organise and transform business,firms or organisation into an outstanding success following the principles laid out in this audiobook.

PreviewTitleFile Size
Introduction - Indigenous Systems Renaissance 7.06 MB
Chapter 1 - Nigeria Insights 16.2 MB
Chapter 2 - Emergence 16.16 MB
Chapter 3 - Dynamics 5.68 MB
Chapter 4 - The 21st Century Framework and its Challenges (Adaptonomics) 16.46 MB
Chapter 6 - Afrolution 14.38 MB
Chapter 7 - Honour Codes Origin of the Omoluwabi System and Principles 12 MB
Chapter 8 - Character + Choice = Destiny 14.66 MB
Chapter 9 - The Operating System for the Nigerian Experiment 13.29 MB
Chapter 10 - The Nigerian Organisational Platform 12.91 MB
Chapter 11 - Omoluwabi Renewal. The Seven Elements of 21st Century Omoluwabi 61.84 MB
Chapter 12 - Aye Pepeye (The Age of the Duck) 17.09 MB
Chapter 13 - Juju of Moo Lo 3.47 MB
Chapter 14 - Practical Applications. New Possibilities for ibadan 8.67 MB
Chapter 15 - Afterword 16.65 MB
Chapter 16 - Matrix. Nigerian Organizational Character Profiles... 665.23 KB
Chapter 17 - Outro 566.47 KB
About the Author 2.13 MB
Chapter 5 - Laboratory of Complex Systems 25.57 MB


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In Omoluwabi 2.0, Adewale Ajadi lays out a new way of organising and transforming, organisations, countries and continents, based on the Yoruba principle of Omoluwabi, updated for the 21st century. This choice of a 2.0, of the iterative, is most interesting. We live in a time that is apathetic to philosophy for the most part. Some will argue that it has always been like this. The oppressed submit themselves willingly to oppressors in exchange for food and oppression works through the oppressed. Implicit in nature and in change is the idea of compromise. What Omoluwabi 2.0 shows is how to make informed compromises.

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